Smått & Gott från traderstewie


En lista med kloka tankar och erfarenheter från traderstewie.

Ett par guldkorn:

  • Adding to a losing position is one of the best ways to end your trading career.
  • Perma bears and perma bulls eventually get washed out of the market. You have to respect a strong bull market and you have to respect a mean bear market.
  • More trades does NOT equal more profits. LESS IS MORE.
  • Price charts and volume is all you need. Most indicators are noise the majority of the time.
  • Fighting the trend doesn’t pay well. In general, trading with a trend, pays off much better.
  • Don’t be a bull, don’t be a bear. Be a predator. Constantly lurking and stalking the ”easy prey”.
  • Professional traders know strength begets more strengths. Weakness begets more weakness.
  • Most traders are never ”happy” with their trades. Understand that no trade will ever be ”PERFECT”.
  • When a stock breaks out on big volume. The first dip will normally bought up very quickly.
  • Often times, the best trades require you to buy high and sell higher.
  • Learn to be patient once in a winning position. Learn to be very impatient when in a losing or questionable position.
  • NO plan? NO TRADE!

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